About Us

Soak up the style and tranquility of the “Salsa Restaurant“.

This artistic masterpiece blends design elements from Mexico all in order to pamper guests in an atmosphere that is both intimate and indulgent.

Our mission at “Salsa Restaurant” is to always exceed our guests’ expectations. As we succeed, we expand our reputation as the areas Best Traditional Mexican Restaurant.

Our core values: We ask more from the talented, ambitious people we employ. Encouraging genuine hospitality at all times, we strive to create a positive working environment where mutual respect and dignity define every action.

In addition to other accolades, we have been recognized for our Best People Practices, which we strongly believe is due, in part, to our solid core values:

* We value each other. Professionalism is expected at all times.

* We will endeavor to create a positive working environment.

* We will offer only the finest products—anywhere, anytime, at any cost.

* We strive to continually improve every day, by everyone, in everything we do.

Our traditional form of culinary preparation means that all of our food is lovingly  prepared as our family’s did in Mexico, only pure food with pure taste and pure color. We are also happy to boast a variety of both vegetarian and gluten free menu options to cater to all customers without compromising the truly delectable cuisine we serve.

Contact us for more information at 845-463-3477